The Eco-Friendly Minivan by Nissan: The Serena e-Power!

Baltimore Drivers Can Save at the Pump with this Fuel-Efficient Minivan


Is the cost of gasoline taking a huge chunk out of your monthly budget? Does it seem like there is nothing you can do because you still need an ample amount of seating? The Nissan Serena e-Power may be the vehicle for you. It is a battery-powered vehicle that sports a gasoline engine that charges the vehicle’s battery when it is in use.

With this vehicle, you can save money and still seat the whole family. It has three rows of available seating and numerous other desirable features. It is still unclear when the vehicle will be sold in the United States but offers something to look forward to from Nissan.

An issue that electric car drivers have is that they must constantly worry about finding a charging station. Currently, these stations are not as readily available as some drivers would like. Since the Nissan Serena e-Power charges its own battery, there is no need to fuss about finding a charging station near your area.

​With this vehicle, you can save money and still seat the whole family

This hybrid vehicle uses the same E-Power drivetrain that’s available in the Nissan Note. When you side with an electric vehicle, you are also siding with a quiet vehicle. Since it doesn’t use the same internal combustion system as a gasoline powered vehicle, you will experience a smoother and more peaceful ride. This is especially important on days when your passengers are asleep and you don’t want to wake them.

In addition, Nissan will offer this vehicle with the latest version of the ProPilot semi-autonomous driving system. This system is capable of maintaining a vehicle’s position in a single lane on the highway. This system also reduces the stress of driving by helping to control acceleration, braking and steering. With this feature, you can experience more peace of mind when you are behind the wheel of your all-new Nissan Serena e-Power!

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